Here is how to set up a shop archive page in WooCommerce:

  1. From Admin panel go to Oxygen Builder tab > Templates
  2. Add New Template
  3. Type in the Name for your new template
  4. Set "inherit design from other template" to Main
    This means that the shop will be loaded inside of the main template.
  5. Click Archive > Checkmark Taxonomies and select:
    All Product type
    All Product visibility
    All Product categories
    All Product tags
  6. Checkmark Post Types and select:
    Select product

  1. Under "Template Priority" type in 10
  1. Click Publish, and now we can edit it with Oxygen Builder

Next step is to load oxyelements templates:

  1. Click Edit with Oxygen
  2. Go to Add > Library > Design Sets
  3. Scroll to Oxyelements WooCommerce

  1. Templates > Shop Archive

With this imported, you're actually ready to go.

In this design, we have made some custom CSS changes, which you're welcome to change if you would like.

The way we have done is by adding a Code Block with CSS inside.

So we have hidden the "Add to cart" button, but if you prefer, you can show it again, simply by deleting the Code Block.

And it will show up once you save and reload the page.

With this done, you are ready to continue to the next step.

How to setup Single Product template

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